Top Ten Banks in Bangladesh Right Now

Top Ten Banks in Bangladesh Right Now. For every nation, banks are so important. Banks are the finance provider and safety provider of a country. Banks help the government of a nation. They increase economic growth and help in the betterment of a country’s economic condition. There are many banks in Bangladesh. We try to order them top ten Banks.

Here you have to see the list of best Bangladeshi private banks list. As well top 10 banks list in Bangladesh right now. We made this list according to the value, capital, customer and service. Lets check the list of top ten banks in BD.

Top Ten Banks in Bangladesh Right Now

1. HSBC Bank: HSBC refers Hong Kong Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited which is a multinational banking and financial agency its headquarters is in London. All the countries in the worlds its branches are available with its efficient management and technology.

2. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited: Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited briefly known as IBBL is one of the leading commercial private banks in Bangladesh. IBBL was awarded for the best bank of the country from London-based prestigious magazine named Global Finance in 1999 and also the same award in 2000 for rendering excellent bank solutions and services to the people of Bangladesh.

3. Grameen Bank: Grameen Bank is the consequence of the research of familiar person D. Muhammad Yunus, who the only one person got the Noble prize in Peace. The main purpose of the bank is to focus on poor and marginalized people of Bangladesh.Grameen Bank operates through 2565 branches in all over Bangladesh.

4. Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited: Dutch-Bangla Bank Limited is the first joint venture bank in Bangladesh. DBBL is Bangladesh’s most innovative and technologically advanced bank.DBBL is the first bank to be fully automated in 2002.

5. BRAC Bank: BRAC Bank started its journey, not so far only 2001 and only 15 years, it proved that the fastest growing bank in Bangladesh. Brac Bank has 176 branches, 500 ATMs, and 448 SME unit offices across the country.

6. Eastern Bank Ltd: Eastern Bank Ltd. came into reality in the new democratic environment of Bangladesh with a vision to create a brand in financial arena of the country. Being established in 1992 EBL has proved itself as one of the most valuable financial institutions in the mean time.

7. Bank Asia: With a vision to make a poverty free Bangladesh, some distinguished entrepreneurs of the country decided to establish a commercial bank. The result was Bank Asia Limited. It was the 27th day of November, 1999 when the bank started to function. The entrepreneurs also foresaw that future Bangladesh would up hold human dignity and rights above all.

8. Janata Bank Limited: Janata Bank Limited is the second largest commercial bank in Bangladesh with it 844 branches and also 4 branches in the United Arab Emirates. It also consists of an Italy-based subsidiary company known as Janata Exchange Company SRL.

9. Standard Chartered Bank: Standard Chartered Bank is the largest International bank in Bangladesh with its 26 branches it also has seven financial Kiosks and 57 ATM booths. It has a huge number of employee more than 1300.

10. Prime Bank Limited: Prime Bank Limited is established in 1995 and it is one of the banks which follows and operates as per the international standard of finance and banking. These ten Banks are operating proudly and serve the nation of Bangladesh.

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