SilkSong Lyrics

SilkSong Lyrics is absolutely the most popular Hindi song sang by Armaan Malik, Shirley Setia. This song from Cadbury – TV Commercial TV Shows. SilkSong this song type is Unknown. Which release on Unknown. The song video is directed by Clinton Cerejo. Also the song producer by Unknown. This video song cast by Unknown. Bellow, you have to watch the music videos on YouTube and read this nice song text SilkSong. The most beautiful SilkSong Lyrics song..

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SilkSong Lyrics – Cadbury – TV Commercial

Kiss me
Close your eyes
Miss me
Close your eyes
Love me zara zara tu bhi
Pighal gaya main bhi
Take me on the ride again
And feelin inside
Just hold me
My heart’s keepin on beating
Teri sharaarton se
You knock me off my feet
I don’t know why why why?
Kiss me
Close your eyes
I can read your lips
Miss me
On your fingertips
Close your eyes
Kiss me
Bas tum aur main
Close your eyes
Kiss me…..

Director: Unknown
Composer: Unknown
Language: Hindi
Music By: Unknown
Movie/ TV Show: Cadbury – TV Commercial

SilkSong by Armaan Malik, Shirley Setia Music video on YouTube

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