Dhaka Folk Festival 2017 | Online Registration | Live Maasranga TV

Dhaka Folk Festival 2017 Online Registration at www dhakainternationalfolkfest com. Dhaka International Folk Festival will be held on 09 November to 11 November 2017 at Army Stadium in Dhaka. Free online registration is going on for the audience. There is no any ticket to enter in the Folk Festival 2017. Audience can enter to the Bangladesh Army Stadium free by Online registration via ticketchai com. It is open for all the people who loves Baul Song (Folk Song). So if you want to watch live Dhaka Folk Festival then register soon via www dhakainternationalfolkfest com soon. Its completely free for entry.

Dhaka Folk Festival 2017 live stream on Maasranga Television Live

Dhaka Folk Festival 2017 live streaming on Massranga TV. You have to watch live Maasranga Television Dhaka Folk festival 2017 online here on this page via YouTube. So if you want to watch Folk festival online then tune your page op 09 November 06:00 PM to 12:00 PM. 11 November 2017.

Dhaka Folk Festival 2017 | Online Registration www dhakainternationalfolkfest com

30 folk artistes from six countries – Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Ireland and China performed soul-wrenching Folk songs from Nov 09-11, at Bangladesh Army Stadium in Dhaka last year. South-Asia’s largest Folk Music Festival saw legendary Folk Queen Abida Parveen, Saieen Zahoor of Pakistan, Papon, Paban Das Baul, Arka Mukhaerjee from India, Niamh Ni Charra of Ireland, Yunnan Art Troupe from China and many others came together for three magnificent nights, a manifesto of folk culture, musical skills and pure genius-ness. This year, the festival will come at you on a bigger scale, with so much more to offer.

Program Schedule:

Day – 1

  • Bauliana, Bangladesh
  • Mauricio Tizumba and Sextet, Brazil
  • Shah Alam Sarkar & Aleya Begum, Bangladesh
  • Tenzin Choegyal, Tibet
  • Papon Live, India

Day – 2

  • Fakir Shahabuddin, Bangladesh
  • Kutumba, Nepal
  • Baula, Bangladesh
  • Mekaal Hasan Band, Pakistan
  • Shahjahan Munshi, Bangladesh
  • Nooran Sisters, India

Day – 3

  • Shahnaz Beli, Bangladesh
  • Mikael Hemniti Winther, Denmark
  • Basudev Das Baul, India
  • Rastak, Iran
  • Arif Dewan, Bangladesh
  • Tinariwen, Mali

Dhaka Folk Festival 2017 | Online Registration | Live Maasranga TV

This year let us immerse ourselves once again to the folk music of the world. From 6 countries, more than 60 folk singers and musicians are coming over to our beautiful land, rich in culture & heritage to join hands with our folk maestros. The festival is open for all. To be a part of this historical event, please do register with us.

Terms and Conditions of Dhaka International Folk Festival 2017

  • The event is open & free for all. Program duration is from 6 pm to 12 am (entry will close at 10 pm).
  • To get entry, audience must register online. To register, please visit www.dhakainternationalfolkfest.com
  • Please bring the printed Entry Pass along with the photo ID (used while registering) to the venue on all the three days of the event.
  • All sorts of bags are strictly prohibited, females are allowed to carry a single purse (8 inch x 6 inch) (please be advised that there are no safe keeping/storage facilities available at the venue).
  • This Entry Pass cannot be photocopied or re-used.
  • This Entry Pass is not transferable and re-entry to the event on the same day using this pass is strictly prohibited.
  • Transportation facilities by bus will be available for the audience at the end of the program.
    To have an orderly entry at the event, you are requested to carry National I.D. or any similar identification along with you.
  • While standing in the queue, you are requested to maintain order in any given situation, we require your full cooperation in this regard.
  • All cell phones or other hand-held devices should be put to silent as soon as the program begins.
  • Any kind of smoking is not allowed at the venue. Possession of any tobacco or any combustible and flammable items are strictly prohibited inside the venue.
  • Security checks will be frequent and random and management also reserves the right to confiscate any item/device which may cause any danger or disruption to other members of the audience.
  • Entry wristband will be provided against each entry pass on the venue, please make sure to have it on you throughout the tenure of the event.
  • Children aged less than 10 years are not allowed at the event.
  • Outside food or any kind of drinking bottle is strictly prohibited. Food will be available for purchase inside and safe drinking water is available free of charge at the venue.

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