Crush meaning in bengali, Synonym, example sentence

Crush meaning in bengali

Crush: (verb) -পেষ করা, পিষা, ভাঙ্গা, নিঙ্গড়ান, মথন করা, সর্বনাশগ্রস্ত হত্তয়া, দমন করা

Related: crush barrier – জনতাকে ঠেকাইয়া রাখিবার জন্য নির্মিত বেড়া; (one erected to keep back towards)

Crush meaning in English

verb (used with object)
to press or squeeze with a force that destroys or deforms.
to squeeze or pound into small fragments or particles, as ore, stone, etc.

verb (used without object)
to become crushed.
to advance with crushing; press or crowd forcibly.

the act of crushing; state of being crushed.
a great crowd: a crush of shoppers.

example sentence:

to hug or embrace forcibly or strongly:
He crushed her in his arms.
to destroy, subdue, or suppress utterly:
to crush a revolt.
to overwhelm with confusion, chagrin, or humiliation, as by argumentation or a slighting action or remark; squelch.
to oppress grievously.
Archaic. to finish drinking (wine, ale, etc.).

“The drunken crush of merrymakers swayed the curious crowd back and forth.”
“Pour some orange and raspberry crush juice into lolly moulds.”
“Their vehicle was crushed by an army tank.”
“Increasingly repressive measures to crush the rebellion have resulted in a death toll of 1,100 guerrillas, police and civilians over the past four years.”
“I knew he hadn’t been there at all, and I thought the disappointment was going to crush me.”
“Then, simply squeeze as hard as you can to crush the apple.”
“Be careful, you’re going to crush her dress!”

Synonyms for crush

horde, multitude, throng, drove, gathering, huddle, jam, party, press, push, tumult

Word Origin & History

crush late 14c., from O.Fr. croisir “to gnash (teeth), crash, break,” perhaps from Frank. *krostjan “to gnash.” Sense of “person one is infatuated with” is first recorded in 1884; to have a crush on is from 1913.

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