“Classic 3G” Teletalk 3G Internet Package Offer

Teletalk 3G Internet package offer of Classic 3G. Teletalk 3G Data offer a price list and activation code. Also, call the subscription code. The default speed is up to 1Mbps. 15% VAT, 5% SD and 1% Surcharge applicable. Unused data will be carried forward.

To subscribe to any Classic 3G data plan, type “subscription code” in the message option and send it to 111. For example, to subscribe Monthly 2GB Data plan @ 1 MBPS speed, Type D20 & send to 111.

"Classic 3G" Teletalk 3G Internet Package Offer

“Classic 3G” Teletalk 3G Internet Package Offer, Price, and activation code

PackageVolumePrice*ValidityOld ShortcodeNew Short

Code (Prepaid)

Short Code (Postpaid)
Classic 3G5 MB21 dayD56C4CP4
20 MB81 dayD18C5CP5
(1 Mbps)50 MB151 dayC7CP7
80 MB201 DayC9CP9
100 MB252 DaysC10CP10
150 MB352 DaysC11CP11
300 MB607 DaysC13CP13
600 MB12015 DaysC15CP15
1 GB803 daysD58D58
1 GB15010 daysD19C16CP16
1 GB20030 daysD31C17CP17
2 GB30030 daysD20C19CP19
3 GB40030 daysD38C21CP21
5 GB55030 daysD21C23CP23
10 GB82530 daysD22C25CP25
30 GB150030 daysD32C29CP29
1GB99*30 daysD60D60
5 GB300*30 daysD63D63

After exhaustion of data pack within validity time, 1paisa/15KB will be charged. After the validity period, if any other data pack is not subscribed by the way of recursion or by manually, the Pay Per Use policy will be applicable until subscriber subscribes to any other Teletalk data plan.

In the case of a 2G network, speed is not applicable but data could be used. To check the Usage of Volume Bundled Package write ‘u’ and send SMS to 111 and to know the balance dial *152#.

D60/D63 package will be named as “Economy data package”.

Pay per use rate will be applicable for D60/D63 package subscriber from 18:01 hrs to 23:59 hrs if a subscriber does not subscribe to any other regular(24 hours) Teletalk data package.

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