BPL 2016 Theme Song For All Teams (Video)

Bangladesh Premier League 2016 theme song. Also BPL T20 2016 season BPL 4 all franchise theme song. BPL T20 seven team theme song (Video) are available here. BPL 4 will start at 4ht November 2016. All the teams are made their theme songs. All teams tried to make theme song with their own local culture. Those songs sang various famous singer of Bangladesh. Also Band team sang the theme song. This year in BPL, there is no any Opening Ceremony. For that, there is no any new theme song for BPL 2016. Last year BPL theme song will as this season 4. BPL 3 theme song was sang by Kumar Biswajit, Konal, Liza and Tasnova.
BPL 2016 Theme Song For All Teams (Video)

BPL T20 2016 Official Theme Song for Season 4 (Music Video)

BPL T20 2016 will play among seven teams. According to news of Manager of seven franchise, all teams has completed their theme song. Bellow you have to see the team wise theme song. Singer name, Writer, composition and music Video.

Dhaka Dynamites Theme Song BPL 2016

Band Cirkut has made a theme song for Dhaka Dynamites.

Rajshi Kings Theme Song BPL 2016

Momotaj has sang for Rajshahi Kings Theme Song. Also Band Nemesis.

Barisal Bulls Theme Song BPL 2016

Asif Akber has sang the Barisal Bulls Theme song. The song was written by Rajib Ahmed. And Rajib Hossain has direction about compose and music. Asif said, last year also it was the Theme song of Barisal Bulls. But we have huge changed in the music composition. Now it is almost Rock style song.

Khulna Titans Theme Song BPL T20 2016

Khulna Titans has made a surprise for their Theme song. Jhon Kabir, member of Indola Band has sang of Khulna Titans Theme Song. Asif Iqbal has written the theme song.

Chittagong Vikings Theme Song BPL T20 2016

Chittagong Vikings did not make new theme song for this season. Kabir Bakul was written the song. Kumar Biswajit was sang the Theme song as “Ara Chatgaya Naojuyan” title. Afzal Hossain has direction of the music video. Another three popular singer of Chittagong Nakib Khan, Nasim Ali Khan and Partho Baruya were in the theme song video.

Comilla Victorians Theme Song BPL 2016

Comilla Victorians also did not make new theme song for BPL 2016. Their last season theme song will play in this season. Mila and Taposh have sang the Comilla Theme song. Fuad feature that song was awesome.

Rangpur Riders Theme Song BPL T20 2016

Hridoy Khan has sang for Rangpur Riders Theme Song. Also he has tune and composition of this RR Theme song. Kabir Bakul was written the song. Hridoy Khan said, we hopeful that, not only the fan of Rangpur Riders also all the fans of Cricekt will love this song.

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